Jennifer + Kyle [married]

You Guys! You Guys! I’m MARRIED!!!! Yuuup. We had the most incredible weekend of our lives. We adventured out to the middle of the high-desert (Pioneertown, CA) with our closest family and friends and made it official (after 10 years together). I feel like now I have a totally new appreciation for what couples are experiencing the day of their wedding. It’s like complete nervousness amidst the fun with friends, then out of nowhere it’s just pure joy/bliss/crying/amazement and dancing until the end of the night. I look back and think of how rewarding the day and weekend was after several months of planning the details. I thought it before but now I’m a complete believer that weddings are the BEST. And that I’m so lucky to get the opportunity to experience so many with so many wonderful couples! Enough about me, let’s share one of my favorite weddings of the year I got to photograph in August.

I met Jennifer and Kyle for the first time while shooting their engagement session in the San Bernardino Mountains last year. First thought, WOWZERS they’re gorgeous. They are both such amazing and warm people and their love and passion for another is easy to see and feel. Jennifer is an incredibly talented designer and stylist. She hand-picked, built and curated almost every detail of her wedding herself. Floral crowns on every bridesmaid, I mean, C'MON sooo gorgeous! The day, the people, the details were breathtaking and to top it off… a member of O-town (who’s also good friends with the couple) was the MC. Oh yeah, it was a good one!