My name's Leylla and I'm a just a big lover. I live for adventures. Own an Airstream. Obsessed with photography and film making. Married to the LOVE of my life. . 

My venture into the photo business started as a fundraiser. That's where Imagery with Impact gets its name. I was taking portraits for people for a small donation to a local non-profit called Outdoor Outreach. They're an amazing local organization that takes underserved youth on adventures like snowboarding, surfing and rock climbing. Pretty much all the things I love to do and love sharing with others. Rad organization, right? 

The more I began shooting portraiture the more I realized that people were my passion. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to parachute into some of the most important moments in people's lives and document their story.  I love the adventure that comes with wedding photography and how each wedding is so completely different from the next. Making awesome wedding photos are more than your gear and technical skill behind the lens. It’s all about knowing  and connecting with the people in your photographs. I'm not a huge fan of going on and on about myself. I'd rather just have my work speak for itself. Better yet.. let's meet up over a beverage in person!

Let's adventure.